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About Us Jonny Sprockets Bike Shop

At the age of thirteen, Jonny decided that he would one day have his own bike shop. He loved all that bike shops were; the smell, the sights, the culture. He was that annoying kid hanging around the bike shop, asking how to tune his well worn derailleur or if they were going to throw out that half used tyre. Nothing excited the pimply teen more than the prospect of one day owning something as magical and special as a Bike shop. The thing about dreams is that they take a long time and a whole lot of graft to turn into reality. After...

Rent your Dream bike today with Jonny Sprockets and Studio 19


Rent your Dream bike today with Jonny Sprockets and Studio 19 Jonny Sprockets Bike Shop

Return any time after 6 months Apply to buy at any time Low monthly payments Optional protection plan available Jonny Sprockets have teamed up with Studio 19 Rentals to bring you a rental option to get you riding your dream bike today! Whether you are a beginner, weekend warrior or a professional rider, we can help you ride away with the bike of your dreams!   Renting offers: No ongoing account keeping fees or charges. Return at any time after 6 months. Apply to purchase any time, even after 1 day. Optional protection plan available. Maintenance and repairs included. Low monthly repayments...